a little rant on the things that ill us all

The Social Virus is something that we (and as 'we' I'm referring the upright bipeds in the audience) all are afflicted with. This affliction causes us to change (nauseatingly so at times) our behaviors into some of the most queer and brilliant plumage in the animal kingdom .. you'll notice the expressed omission of minerals -- we're just not ready for that yet. These behaviors strike us all as odd and typical at the same time -- even when we're the sod displaying them. So, as a tribute to us, from time-to-time and a few times in between, enjoy some puffery and sardonic observations. And please, comment. We're all in this together.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 tips for successful living with the other 6+ billion of us

  1. Keep the color and pattern of your underwear to yourself.
  2. If you can't obey the laws, don't exacerbate the faux paux by acting entitled.
  3. Even rock stars aren't rock stars if no one believes them to be (Yes you, "Ocho Cinco").
  4. There is a thing called, "Age Appropriate Dress" you know? If you're wearing the same fashions as your college-aged child ...
  5. Show of hands... how many people want to hear someone drop a name?

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