a little rant on the things that ill us all

The Social Virus is something that we (and as 'we' I'm referring the upright bipeds in the audience) all are afflicted with. This affliction causes us to change (nauseatingly so at times) our behaviors into some of the most queer and brilliant plumage in the animal kingdom .. you'll notice the expressed omission of minerals -- we're just not ready for that yet. These behaviors strike us all as odd and typical at the same time -- even when we're the sod displaying them. So, as a tribute to us, from time-to-time and a few times in between, enjoy some puffery and sardonic observations. And please, comment. We're all in this together.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7-point Type

The Comic Sans of the business world, its the most unwelcome formatting there is.

That begs the question, "Why is it so prevalent?"

The answer is simple and sad. 7-point type has been proven to be overlooked and under-read. Nothing about small type (especially with a serif) says, "read me," and everyone knows it.

And why is this important? Because everyone who uses it wants to "get-away-with-something." The Creditors Bill of Rights is written in 7-point serif. Your cell-phone contract. Your auto lease. Your home owner's insurance. No coincidence that all of the above are legal in nature - lawyers are typically the ones looking to get-away-with-something.

Imagine if life were always written in an attempt to get away with something...

The Constitution would be in 7-point (or smaller) as would the Bills of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation and even, "1984."

I think the world could use a little straight-forwardness and integrity. This culture needs some 12-point. Bring back the critical thinking in a use other-than espionage or skulduggery. Let's bring back clarity and usefulness.